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Mindy was an amazingly gentle English Springer Spaniel. She was much loved by her family and also served as the neighbourhood pet being a friend to adults and kids alike.


Regrettably, Mindy passed away from Cushing's disease at the age of 10 in 2001. The owner's knew Mindy was sick but it was still a shock when she passed away. She was on medication and the owner's thought she would live longer then she did. The owner's had taken her for a walk one night and her breathing became difficult so they brought her in to <?xml:namespace prefix = st1 ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags"> Bronte Road Animal Hospital. After a gallant effort to save Mindy, she unfortunately passed away.


Shortly after her passing Mindy's owner's John and Lynda MacKenzine established the Mindy Fund. They realized that looking after a sick pet can be very costly. The MacKenzie's identified a need to help those that love their pets with all their heart but can't afford the necessary treatment. They decided to establish a fund in Mindy's memory to help those people who could not afford treatment for their pets or to help animals in need of a home, as the Bronte Road Animal Hospital also has an adoption program and those animals are in need of vaccines, bloodwork, food and sometimes medications before being adopted. Mr. and Mrs. MacKenzie set up the Fund not to long after Mindy passed and have entrusted Dr. Schmidt and his staff at Bronte Road Animal Hospital to decide when and where the need was greatest to use any donations toward a patient in need.


The MacKenzie's are very proud that the Mindy Fund still continues today and along with making donations throughout each year they also donate money to the Mindy Fund when a friend or family member of theirs has lost a pet.


The Mindy Fund is the MacKenzie's way of helping pet owners with medical bills and the expenses for animals awaiting adoption and The Bronte Road Animal Hospital is very proud that together they were able to start such a wonderful way to help raise money to go towards such a great cause.